Rescuers free 3 men trapped in Kentucky coal mine

coal mine A State Government spokesman stated that, three men who were trapped in a Central Kentucky coal mine were rescued on Monday, 20th of June 2011, night.

It was around 8.25 p.m., the minors were brought to the surface in Bell Country as per the information provided by Dick Brown, spokesman of Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet. All the three were taken to a local hospital for evaluation, as they were in good shape and to be reunited with their families.

Again the Kentucky Energy Cabinet stated that, the James River Coal Company’s Jellico No.1 mine had flooded after heavy overnight rain made a diversion ditch fail, filling the mine and trapping the miners 600 feet away from the entrance.

Solis said that, miners were tracked and communication was established soon after being trapped on behind the water on Monday.

According to Amy Louviere, a spokesman of U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration, the responders touched base with the men every 15 minutes all day. Meanwhile, four pumps were used to remove water from the mine.

The trapped miners were in the highest location of the mine, and the water eventually stopped coming in, said Rachel Riddle, fiancée of trapped miner Pernwell Witherspoon. She added that, though the availability of food and supplies were unknown, they had plenty of Oxygen.

Kentucky’s Energy and Environment Department reported that, Doug Warren and Russell Asher were the other trapped miners.

It was also stated by Riddle that, she received updates every half an hour from the mine safety agency while she waited in an area church. She said the officials told her that her fiancée had been taken from the mine alive by around 8.30 p.m.

Solis indicated in her statement that, she planned to talk with all three rescued miners by phone on Tuesday.

Rescuers free 3 men trapped in Kentucky coal mine

Report by Sharika