Central America drugs war- Clinton pledges more funds

Hillary-ClintonTo fight drugs cartels in Central America, U.S Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has pledged more foreign aid.

In a regional security conference in Guatemala, Mrs Clinton stated that the U.S would increase its aid by more than 10% to nearly $300m.

But the analysts say that the figure is still small given the difficulty of task, with more than two thirds of all cocaine being shipped from South America to the U.S. now passing through Central America.

The donors pledged close to $1bn in total.

Funding for the fight against transnational organised crime in the region would be increased from $260m in 2010 to $300m this year, was stated by Mrs. Clinton.

Also it was stressed by her that she expected Central American nations to pull their weight.

Addressing the leaders from across the region at the Central American Security Conference, Mrs. Clinton promised that they would be the ready partners if those leaders initiates the same and takes up its lead.

Hillary Clinton has also said that the Government had to work together to beat the drug cartels, which are behind much of the violence blighting the region. She did not only call on Governments to increase their efforts to fight the crime but said the business also had to play a role in the same by stating that the business and the rich in every country must pay their fair share of taxes and become full partners in a whole of society effort. She stressed that on the backs of poor the true security cannot be funded.

Report by Sharika