HUGO CHAVEZBefore Monday dawn, President Hugo Chavez made a surprise return from Cuba feeling better as he recovers from surgery that removed a cancerous tumor.

The State television, after 5 hours telecasted the video of Chavez arriving at about 2 a.m. local time (2-30 EDT; 0630 GMT).

After having spent “very difficult days” in Cuba but was happy that is recovery is going well. He rejoiced and stated, “It’s the beginning of my return!”

During his departure from Havana, President Raul Castro saw the Venezuelan on tarmac and from the door of the airplane; Mr. Chavez saluted, raised a fist, and then waved

His return seems to be at the right time as his return to Venezuela is a day before the 200th anniversary of declaration of independence from Spain.

Mr. Chavez was in Cuba from June 8th for what ostensibly was a previously scheduled visit. An initial surgery was undergone on the 11th of June to have a pelvic abscess removed and then a follow up surgery to remove a cancerous “abscessed tumor” from his pelvic region.

After 18 days out of sight Mr. Chavez announced about his second surgery . However, there was no information disclosed about the kind of cancer neither by Mr. Chavez nor by his doctors and also with respect to the kind of treatment he was receiving.

Jaua said he and others were “very excited to receive our president.”

Jaua said that he was going to rest for a while.

Later on Monday, Mr. Chavez had plans to address his supporters from the balcony of the presidential palace.


Report by Sumit