cyber criminalThe latest report reveals that nearly 80% of the small business houses are of the belief that they are not likely to be a targeted by the cyber criminals.  The awareness and training programs are not conducted making the employees unaware of the latest cyber security practices. The computer criminals exploit the loopholes in the security and pose a threat to the business houses.

The cyber security measures should be taken as like as the physical security measures are taken.  The owners of the small business houses should realize it is important to be aware and take measures in order to protect their data and information.

The sensitive and personal information should be kept in a secure environment. The proper security and authentication protocols should be maintained. The small business houses are more vulnerable to attacks by cyber criminals since they have money, but lack proper security.

The attacks have adverse effects on not only business but even on reputation.  The financial frauds like credit and debit card frauds occur in these houses since they are not in compliance with the International Payment standard systems like PCI (payment card information system)

These limitations are used by the cyber criminals to extract as much money and make as many frauds as possible. This is harmful for the owners, employees and the customers of the small business houses. The little name and fame disappears trailing a loss to the business houses


Report by Sai Sushanth