Bangladesh asks for apology from Pakistan

pakistan-bangladeshA senior Bangladesh leader asked for apology from Pakistan for the crimes committed by the Pakistani military during the war of independence in 1971.

Pakistani soldiers were involved in genocides, rapes and various atrocities and as results millions of people were killed or they were forced to leave their home. Bangladesh was finally able to win its war of independence with the help of Indian forces, after a battle of 9 months.

Mr. Moni was speaking after the appointment of new ambassador by Pakistan to bangledesh.he said he also wanted to settle the issues of division of assets and war reparations. Moni said that resolving these long-standing issues was important to maintaining good relations with Pakistan. Resolution of the outstanding issues would enable the existing friendly relations between Bangladesh and Pakistan to make a great leap forward and create a wider space for cooperation.

Earlier Pakistan disputed certain allegation posed on it.

Bangladesh asks for apology from Pakistan

Report by Abhishek Kumar