Bangalore hit by cyber attack

bangalore_cyber-attackMany thousand facebook accounts were hacked and were flooded with spams. The spams were pornographic in nature, during which certain messages used to appear and by clicking on those messages pornographic materials were sent to all your friends.

 But there was no reporting to the cyber police station located in Bangalore as people were much concerned about their reputation.

And as a result there has been reports as to photo profile of some of the users have been turned to pornographic or they have lost their photos.

Facebook officials said that the spams have been removed from thousands of accounts and the security system is being pulled up to avoid certain attacks in future.

Advisor to the Indian government on cyber security Mr. Mukhi said Hacking Facebook accounts are quite easy and it is happening on various causes: to raise money, to steal databases/contacts of individuals or for accessing personal data. Facebook has grown so big so quickly and many social networking sites prefer ease of use over security and privacy.

According to a recent IT rule notification effective April 2011 specifically mandates intermediaries like Facebook to implement reasonable security measures while handling or processing sensitive personal data. – Pavan Duggal, cyber expert and Supreme Court lawyer.

Bangalore hit by cyber attack

Report by Abhishek Kumar