BAN KI-moonThe 192-member assembly applauded loudly as it adopted a resolution giving the 67- year-old South Korean diplomat, Ban Ki-moon another five years at the helm of the U.N. Assembly president Joseph Deiss banged his gavel and proclaimed Mr. Ban’s selection by acclamation to a new term starting Jan 1.

Earlier this month, he had announced his interest to retain his tenure ship and he faced no opposition and was recommended by the Security Council for the new term last Friday. The regional groups endorsed Mr. Ban and their chairs joined in sponsoring the Assembly resolution.

The current Security Council President, Gabon’s U.N. Ambassador Nelson Messone, who introduced the assembly resolution, had high regards and praises for Mr. Ban and said, “remarkably and with all objectivity and independence” worked on every continent, to promote peace, justice and international security, sometimes in particularly difficult and trying circumstances.”

The secretary general was escorted to the podium after the vote where Mr. Deiss told him, “In a complex, difficult international environment, you have strengthened the role and the visibility of the United Nations by adopting reform measures, launching exciting, innovative initiatives, and calling faithfully and constantly for respect for human rights, the rule of law and the other values rooted in our charter.”


Report by Sumit