US recognizes Libyan opposition as governing authority

US, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Friday declared the Libya opposition group as the legitimate governing authority. It was a huge cheer although Libya.

The Transitional National Council is the major diplomatic opposition party that was recognized by United States. The officials said that Moammar Gadhafi rule with iron has come to an end.

The Secretary of the State announced the change in Istanbul yesterday. The meeting was held with Libya Contact Group, the alliance of nation working deal with the Libyan crises.

Gadhafi followers had announced more indulge in war as they said Libya will defend oil with blood.

The US recognition is being supported by some major powers in the world like as France. Clinton said TNC will continue gain a high level support as the National representative of Libya until an interim authority is not placed in Libya.

Clinton also said that we with us have a responsibility to maintain the need of Libya’s people who had gone through a great harassment of monarchy through a long period of time. She thus offered important assurances to the people of Libya.

As Gadhafi reacted to this matter as – I put all their decisions, meeting, and recognition beneath my feet. If they don’t stop all this there are 5millions people ready from my side to give their lives.

Clinton said US will provide all the efforts to TNC leaders to maintain peace and establish exhaust humanity of Libya. She added it’s not a matter that Gaddafi will give up his power but the question is when he will do so.

The Libyan uprising began in February when the opposition began fighting against the monarchy administration. NATO forces are operating the fight and end the monarchy.

US recognizes Libya opposition as governing authority

Report by Kushal Kumar