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Foreign direct Investment in India

Foreign firms investing basically in India is called as foreign direct investment. This investment happens basically through mergers and acquisitions and also by takeover. FDI bring fear in Indian marketers as they might lose their own say in the market. On the other hand arguments were also raised pro FDI as “If India can adopt most of the foreign Culture, then why not FDI?” On the other hand Bringing in FDI into India is purely a concern of time; Right time must be identified for effective functioning of FDI in India.

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Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act RESPA

Some of the main objects behind the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act, 1974 are:

  • Bring more effective advance disclosure of settlement costs;
  • Eliminate fees that tended to increase the cost of settlement services & buyers and sellers of property;
  • reduce sums that home buyers were required, by lenders, to place in insure payment of real estate taxes and insurance; and
  • Significantly reform and modernize local record keeping of land title information.

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Software Piracy and Penalties

Software Piracy Definition

Software piracy is defined as unauthorized copying of software. When you purchase software from market you become the licensed user as per the terms & conditions. In most of the cases copying of software is allowed only for backup purposes. But when you try to lend or rent this software or making local prints for selling, it is regarded as piracy. Even though the software parent companies are trying hard to prevent the users from illegal copying of the software, but the measures are not fully effective. Any person who makes ‘piracy copy” (not having license from the author/ company to make a copy) of literary, dramatic, software, musical work or of a film clearly copies by reproducing the work in a material form thereby; infringing copyright of author.

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Due Diligence Services

due diligence services

It is a process of investing the business entity before you go on for the perfect bonding contract. This type of investigation in to the business is usually carried out with the trained professionals in the field of law, accounts, and business administrations. Conducting due diligence is necessary, so that you can come to know about the entity in a better manner. It is basically examining the past, present and future levels of the entity you are contracting with. Investigating is basically the preventive measures that a man of normal prudence would take.

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