Assembly appoints Ban as UN chief again

BAN ki moonThe General Assembly has appointed Mr. Ban Ki-moon again as the U.N. Chief.

Mr. Ban’s second term will run from 1st of January 2012 to 31st of December 2016, under a resolution adopted through the acclamation by 192- member world body.

Since January 2007 he was been in the office.

The resolution follows a recommendation last week by the members of the Security Council that, Mr. Ban, the eighth person to serve as U.N. Chief be re-appointed.

Mr. Ban was praised by General Assembly President Joseph Deiss after the re- appointment, for his remarkable leadership of the World body.

In his oath of office, which he took by placing his hands in the original U.N. charter, Mr. Ban promised to discharge his functions in the interest of entire U.N. and not to seek or accept the instructions from any other Government.

Also he stated to the Assembly that, he was proud and humble to accept the appointment as the U.N. chief for the second term.


Report by Sharika