Assange’s final plea to avoid extradition

Julian AssangeThe long drawn out legal battle, WikiLeaks Chief Julian Assange will put forth his final plea to the highest court of London to reverse its decision to avoid his extradition to Sweden. Julian Assange was arrested a year back on allegations of sexual assault. A plea has been presented before the two Judges of the High Court for an appeal to the Supreme Court. For an appeal to be granted, the two judges should hold that there is a question of general public importance involved in the case.

The instant plea has been presented before the court after the court ruled out Julian Assange’s first appeal against extradition a month back. The extradition is for the Swedish police to question Assange regarding the allegations of sexual assault made by two Swedish women. The arrest warrant was issued against Assange last December and since then the former hacker has been under virtual house arrest. He initially approached the High Court on November 2nd, challenging the order of extradition passed by the lower court, which was rejected.

The Supreme Court’s rejection of the current plea, to avoid the deportation of Julian Assange, would see demise of the legal battle at the British front and he will be extradited to Sweden within 10 days. The recent appeal comes one day before the period of limitation ends.

Julian Assange aver that the allegations are politically motivated and that it is targeted against his anti-secrecy website which the United States government wants to sabotage.

The validity of the European arrest warrant issued by a state prosecutor will be questioned and also the question whether Julian Assange can be defined as an “accused” when he has not been prosecuted will be put forth before the court by his legal team.

Report by Radhalakshmi R

Assange’s final plea to avoid extradition