Assange to take fight to British Supreme Court

Julian AssangeWikiLeaks Chief Julian Assange’s appeal has been allowed to the Supreme Court of Britain. The highest court of Britain will now decide whether he should be extradited to Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, to be tried for the alleged charges of molestation and rape of two women. The former hacker has been battling the extradition since a lower court ruled that he be extradited to Sweden to face the charges of sexual assault.

According to BBC reports, 14 days have been given to the lawyers of Julian Assangeto file a request for review before the Supreme Court of Britain. If the plea is accepted by the court, then the legal battle will continue and the case would come before the highest court of Britain. In case of rejection of the 40-year olds plea, he will be extradited within 10 days of the decision.

In the last month’s decision of a British High Court it was held that Julian Assange could not appeal through the normal process although he was allowed to appeal to the Supreme Court directly for a hearing as the normal doctrines worthy of the court’s scrutiny were in jeopardy. These doctrines dealt with the question of which bodies in a foreign country should be allowed to apply for the extradition of a person from Britain.

Julian Assange told the reporters that he is thankful for the decision of the two judges of the high court for allowing the appeal and ruling that the matter involved in his case is of general public importance and that it would be useful in other cases. Assange has affirmed that the encountesr he has had with both the women separately has been consensual and that the instant case against him is politically motivated as this is a pretext to shipping him to US to face prosecution for his anti-secrecy website.  He said “I think that is a correct decision and I am thankful. The long struggle for justice for me and others continues.”

Julian Assange to Take his Battle to the Supreme Court of Britain

Report by Radhalakshmi R

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