Anna Hazare, the man who took the nation by storm has once again decided to go on a fast. Anna Hazare will go on a fast on Tuesday (June 8th) in Rajghat to protest against the midnight crackdown.

The Hazare led protest will be held in the vicinity of Rajghat from 10 am. An all-region prayer meeting and a debate on Lokpal bill is expected to take place this protest.

Meanwhile, Baba Ramdev continues his fast in Haridwar and says he supports Anna Hazare’s fast.

The Delhi police gave permission to the civil rights activist, Anna Hazare to hold on a one-day fast against the violent way the Ramlila Maidan was evacuated on Saturday night, traffic arrangements have been made so as to ensure that there is no traffic disruption.

The protest is supposed to take place on Powerhouse Road, which connects the Delhi and Rajghat Secretariat. Traffic restrictions as well as security has been beefed up into this area.

Hazare also added that  “This fast is not a challenge to anyone. It’s a challenge to the system, injustice and corruption. It’s an assertion of our fundamental rights. Article 19 (1)(b) gives the freedom to assemble peacefully and protest. The Government says we will not allow you do that. So this is an assertion of fundamental right and we will do it and are ready to face the consequences”.

Report by Alka