Brazil- Another Amazon anti-logging activist killed

Bringing the number of activists killed over the past month to at least five, another land campaigner in Brazil’s Amazon region, Obede Loyola Sousa has been shot dead.

He was killed on Thursday but the news of his death was confirmed only on Tuesday.

Loyola’s body was found in the dense forest surrounding his home in the northern state of Para.

amazon-frogJust before few weeks, four other activists were killed in Para and Rondonia state.

It was promised by the Brazilian authorities to offer increased protection to campaigners in the Amazon region because of the happening of such murders.

The victim was the leader of the landless peasants in the Pacaja region in the Northern state of Para.

It was reported by Catholic Church’s Pastoral Land Commission (CPT) that, death threats had been received by Mr. Loyla, after a run in with loggers who were reportedly cutting down chestnut trees illegally.

And the local residents reported to the CPT that, they saw four people driving in a pick-up-truck to the camp were Mr. Loyola lived.

Brazil- Another Amazon anti-logging activist killed

Report by Sharika