SC upheld Allahabad High Court decision on land acquisition

Supreme-CourtOn Wednesday Supreme Court upheld Allahabad high Court’s order quashing acquisition of land by U.P. government at Shahberi village in Noida has come as shot in the arm of the farmers churning across the state against forcible land acquisition.

Meanwhile the opposition party rises to move as sharpen sword on Mayawati government, farmer’s organisation said it’s a warning to the central as well as the state government against the loot of the land just for the sake of development and to amend the Colonial Land Acquisition Act, 1894.It has also provided farmers a remedy which they can use to save their land.

Petition filed by the farmers last month concerning the land acquisition of 157 hectare in Shahberi village in Noida had been cancelled by the Allahabad High court. The land was acquired using emergency clause without giving an opportunity to farmers to lodge their motives. At that time it had been said that the land will be used for industrial purpose and within 11 days the land will be converted to residential purpose.

The Apex Court’s decision to uphold high court’s order has upgrade the courage spirits of farmers fighting against land acquisition in Greater Noida, Noida, Ghaziabad, Moradabad, Sonbhadra, Lucknow and other places. Farmers at these places have also decided to approach the court in case their land is acquired forcibly.

VM Singh, farmer leader, said that Maya government should treat the Supreme Court order as a precedent and return land to farmers acquired against their will in other parts of the state.

SC upheld Allahabad High Court decision on land acquisition

Report by Vibhanshu Viabhav