New Alberta Law: The Child and Youth Advocate Act

Alberta_LawYesterday a new law has been proposed in Canada which is known as Child and Youth Advocate Act. This law will make the Child and Youth Advocates an officer of the legislature. This law will make them independent and they can report directly to the legislature.

Under this law the role of the advocates will also be broadened by which they will advocate not only for kids in care or those involved in prostitution, but also for children and youth involved in the criminal justice system.

This law will also give the power to the advocates so that they can launch an investigation and to file a public report with the results of that investigation. Under this law the government departments would also be required to notify the advocate each time a child dies in care or is seriously injured.

This bill will also help to clarify the information about media outlets that what can be published when a child in care is injured or dies. If the bill passes, media outlets will be free to publish everything except the name of the child, his or her photograph, and the names of the child’s parents or guardians.

If this law will form so it will also establish a quality assurance council, a panel of experts who review systemic issues also.

New Alberta Law: The Child and Youth Advocate Act

Report by Dushyant Tiwari