Afghan forces hand of their first province

NATO LOGONorth Atlantic Treaty Organisation or NATO forces handed over the first province of Afghanistan troops today. This was a long awaited program which was to be done by calling back their troops from Afghanistan by NATO members.

Among the handover the Bamyan province is the first in the seven areas which was handed over to Kabul’s responsibility. The spokesperson of the governor, Abdul Rahman Ahmad said Bamiyan is not suffering from any outer threats and is peaceful among the states of Afghanistan so the process will go on very smoothly.

The NATO coalition has promised to handover the nationwide responsibility to Afghan troops by 2014. Afghan troops are growing on rapidly but they have not demonstrated that how will the control if Taliban troops attacks.

The US President, Barack Obama and the European NATO members said they will pull back their troops on regular interval of time despite of attack risks from terrorist groups.

Over 30,000 American soldiers will leave Afghanistan by the end of this year. France has also agreed to call quarter of their troops with coalition to Britain soldiers leaving at the same time.

Afghan forces hand of their first province

Report by Kushal Kumar